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Lung Cancer Among Non Smokers
Feb 2019

It is commonly believed that people who are heavy smokers are at high risk of lung cancer. Although it is undeniably true, it may also surprise you that in the past few years the number of former smokers and non-smokers having lung cancer are rising significantly.

People In The Group Of Non Smokers
When discussing the answer to the question what type of cancer is commonly affecting non smokers, it is important to understand the thin line between ‘Non-smokers’ and ‘Never-smokers’. Non-smokers include both the people who have never smoked and ‘Former smoker’ who have quit the habit.

If we look into the statistics, among the victims of lung cancer about 15 per cent belong to the never smoker category. And if added together, it has been found that the majority of people were non-smokers at the time of lung cancer diagnosis.