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Post Stroke Rehab Therapy And Home Care
Jan 2017
Dr M Udaya Kumar Maiya
Medical Director, Bangalore

Initially regarded as an ailment associated with old age, the incidence of stroke has now been found amongst youngsters as well and this fact is supported by evidence. Also, each year, almost 1.5 million Indians suffer a stroke and it is estimated that with the associated risk factors like obesity, diabetes and hypertension on the rise, the numbers are expected to rise in the coming years.

Stroke has a massive annual morbidity and mortality rate each year and many survivors of a recent stroke episode live with mental and physical impairments that creates impediments in the quality of life they lead.

The Good News
It is heartening to know that a majority of stroke survivors are able to recover with long-term effects absent or minor in severity. So, what is it that what can be done to help a stroke patient regain a normal life and also increase the quality of life? The factors that can guarantee the highest possible degree of independence and function to stroke survivors depend on a number of aspects.

Raising Awareness
The outcome on overall health after a stroke episode depends both on the severity of the stroke and the part of the brain that is damaged. One major determinant is also how early treatment regimens have begun. Thus, neurologists urge all to be familiar with the signs of stroke and raise awareness about the same. After a stroke occurs, every second is precious and being equipped with such knowledge can be a boon for patients.