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Pre And Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Jan 2018
Priyanka Rodge
Physiotherapist (MPT), Aktivhealth

The mere thought of undergoing surgery is enough to send a chill down your spine. But at that very moment, you need to take a deep breath and relax your frayed nerves and rely on physiotherapy to come to your rescue. This is because, physiotherapy can not only help in warming you up for your surgery, but can also help make your post-surgery experience calmer.

However, what needs to be understood is that physiotherapy is not a magic wand, but a rehabilitative aid that can work wonders, if done the right way. Also, rehabilitation is required before and after the surgery.

Rehabilitation is restoring your physical health and bringing you back to your routine life, through physical training and therapy. If surgery is your ‘exam time,’ post-surgery can be compared to your ‘result time.’ The more you prepare beforehand, the lesser you need to worry about post-surgery downtime.

The goal of pre-operative rehabilitation (also referred to as rehab) is to condition your body to take in the stress of the surgery and also to ensure a therapeutic recovery later. During the months of surgery, the body is accustomed to rest and sleeping and lesser physical activity. Hence, it needs to be ‘taught’ to go back to routine day-to-day activities.