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Prevention Of Kidney Disease
Jan 2019
Dr Ravi Andrews
Senior Consultant,Nephrologist,Apollo Health City

An old adage that we learned during our childhood and which we try to apply in adulthood is ‘a stitch in time saves nine.’ The meaning of this saying is that if a fabric is torn, a strategically placed stitch will protect the fabric from tearing further; provided the stitch is placed immediately.

A delay in placing the stitch would result in the fabric tearing further, requiring more (maybe even nine) stitches! Extrapolating this age-old concept to health care is ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Therefore, the direction of health care today is towards prevention of disease rather than treatment or cure. And currently, there exists five levels of prevention:

Primal/Primordial Prevention
This involves measures used to avoid the development of risk factors in the first place (let alone preventing them). For example, Down’s syndrome is more common if the age of the mother is more than 35 years. Hence, parents are counselled to have children before the mother crosses 35 years of age. Another example is that of teaching future parents to provide adequate attention to their upcoming child and a secure physical environment right from conception to birth.