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Surviving CANCER
Aug 2014
Dr Savita Date Menon
Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Specialist, Apollo Life Center, Hyderabad

Being told that you have ‘cancer’ is perhaps the scariest thing you have to face in life! Cancer is demonised as this horrible thing growing inside you, which is going to kill you. People feel helpless and life, as you know it, seems to come to a grinding halt!

While survival rates of most cancers used to be low, education and awareness, prevention and early detection, and more modern treatments, have made the treatment very effective.

WHO estimates that only 4 per cent of all cancers are inherited and that the majority of cancers are preventable. According to this report, many cancers are strongly linked to lifestyle and environment. Cancer world maps shown in the report illustrate that the majority of cancers are in developed countries – which indicates again a strong link between cancer, lifestyle, diet and environment.

The development of cancer usually takes many years. Therefore, full treatment also can take several months or years. What is important is to reverse the process in order to stop and reverse cancerous growth.