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The Conquerors Of Cancer
Apr 2019

The Conquerors Of Cancer

This six letter word is one of the most scariest, and life changing word anyone can come across in their life.Only the ones who face the storm, know what it takes to emerge from this constant battle victoriously. Eventhough, there may be advancement in science and technology, a cancer patient still requires unconditional support and love of his or her family members, and dear ones to conquer this battle. Here are a few inspirational stories of the brave conquerors of cancer.

The Cricketing Sensation - Yuvraj Singh

  Yuvraj, is the son of Yograj Singh, who was a former Indian bowler, which just clearly states that he had cricket rooted deep in his genes. Yuvraj Singh is infamous for his inspirational attitude, unstoppable demeanor and a true charmer, to say the least. He has won countless matches single handedly, and is a real asset to the Indian Cricket Team. Not only do cricket enthusiasts know him, but even politicians and celebrities globally have heard his tales of triumph in cricket.  Whether it was World Cup, or an ODI, he played and displayed the same conviction and passion to assist his team in gaining victory.

It was during World Cup, when he started experiencing difficulty in breathing and had a furious cough which woke him up in the middle
of the night. After the world cup, he decided to opt for a scan for chest cavity which revelead a tumour, which no one believed, or could come to terms with, especially Yuvraj. But, his health didn’t come before his passion, he still continued playing matches, and later in January his tests revealed that the tumour was malignant- which was a germ cell cancer also known as mediatinal seminoma.