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Tips To Plan A Vacation For Children
Nov 2016
Kapil Goswamy
MD And Founder, Big Breaks

Travelling alone with a backpack on your shoulders with an uncertain itinerary is the best way to find solace on the road. However, when you are travelling with children, an unplanned trip is not such a good idea as a number of factors have to be kept in mind like the health and comfort of your children and the possibility of them garnering valuable learning experiences from the trip. So, here are a few friendly tips for parents planning a vacation with their children.

A Learning Experience
It is important to cultivate experiential learning in children from an early age. And museums and historical places are very important to help children get in touch with their lineage in history. Hence, the best way to teach your children is by exposing them to experience. As you step out with your children for a holiday trip, ensure that it offers the best learning experience to them.

Instead of spending time in a water pool with you kids, opt to take them to a location where they can take in the natural beauty and interact with the essence of it. It’s good to visit a historical monument with your children and make them acquainted with the history of the country and the world. Tell them how man is such a newcomer on this earth and how powerful species before us have been wiped off from the face of this planet.

Casual Lessons In Geography
Describing a few geographical lessons to your children is less likely to be remembered and absorbed by them for long. But if you take a train trip from Delhi to Bangalore and help him/her witness firsthand about the existing geographical differences between the states, the colour of its soil and changes in the climate etc. lessons will come alive and enrich their knowledge.