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Vitamin Deficiencies And Oral Health
Jan 2019
Dr Shweta Hinduja
Dental Surgeon, Mumbai

Nutrition is important for proper growth, development, maintenance and repair of healthy dentition and oral tissues. Classified as water soluble and fat soluble vitamins and obtained from different sources, deficiency of these can cause certain changes in the oral cavity. Nutrition and oral health are important for pregnant women and aids in the development of the foetus and arrests the growth of pre-malignant lesions.

When dealing with programs for prevention, the issue is addressed by educating people about dental hygiene and healthy eating. Fluoride prophylaxis, periodic check-ups and good nutrition that aid in healthy growth is advocated. The term ‘bio nutrition’ refers to interaction, which exists between diet, genetics and the role nutrients play in good health. Thus, preventing pathologies at cellular, organic and sub-cellular levels are crucial to stop the spreading of disease.

There is a connection between diet and oral health and a healthy diet plays an important role in keeping the gums healthy, including periodontal tissues, dental elements and quantity of saliva etc.

Folate And Vitamin B Complex
Supplementing your diet with folic acid reduces the chances of cleft lip and cleft palate and a recent study done on the same have proved the reduced occurrence of the disease if supplemented with folic acid. B vitamins also play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and its deficiencies may lead to oral cavity, stomatitis, glossitis and oral ulcers.