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Why Is Your Little One Sweating Profusely
Feb 2017
Dr Chaitali Laddad
Founder And Director, The Paediatric Network

Is your little one sweating profusely, even though the reason might not be fever? Or have you spent sleepless nights to ensure your little one does not wake up all drenched in sweat? Constant wet palms, underarms and soles, the area between cheeks and the forehead, might often mortify your toddler.

Parents usually tend to happily put the blame on the harsh rays of the morning sun and the scorching heat. But wait, sometimes the sunrays might have very little to do with your over sweating child. So, don’t take this lightly!

Understanding Hyperhidrosis
Often, sweating is no reason to worry and to be concerned as sweating releases perspiration from the pores which help in maintaining a cool body temperature during stressful moments. However, if you notice your infant is unduly sweating, which is unconnected to the body temperature, it might be the sign of a condition called hyperhidrosis which simply means excessive sweating in toddlers.

When To Seek Medical Help
Although unwarranted sweats can occur at any time, it is very common in kids especially during the night and is caused mostly due to environmental reasons. Also, night sweats in kids is very common. Another reason for your young one to wake up wet from head to toe, maybe due to night terrors, for example bad dreams and night walking.

However, if the excess sweating does not cease, it’s advisable for parents to seek medical help. Infections like bacterial and viral contagions can also be a major reason for excess sweats in children. In case of dehydration due to loss of body fluids, offer the child a cold drink, as this helps in restoring the lost water content from the body.