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Your Eyes Are The Windows To Your Kidneys
Sep 2016
Dr Ravi Andrews
Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Apollo Health City

‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ - many take this rather abstract statement literally. Some half-baked philosophers also claim that they can understand a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings just by looking into their eyes for a period of only seven seconds! Lovers swear by the myriad of emotions conveyed by a single glance of their loved one’s eyes and reams and reams of precious paper have been dedicated to this theme. Unfortunately, real life is very different and there is nothing romantic or fanciful about disease, be it the eyes or the kidneys.

Eyes Provide A Wealth Of Information
From a medical perspective, the state and appearance of the eyes provide a wealth of information as to what ailments are affecting an individual as many diseases are associated with eye disorders and a simple eye examination can unveil them.