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Gracefully Bold - ALIA BHATT
March, 2019

From being a joke to a genius, and then one of the most applauded actresses of the B-Town, her journey is indeed interesting and inspiring. The talented, spunky and free-spirited, Alia Bhatt. She debuted in 2012 with a high-school based love story and took off captivating performances in movies like Highway, Udta Punjab, and Raazi. What’s more uncanny about this young lady is, she is both critically acclaimed and commercially successful making her an unusual combination of the film fraternity. Besides this what’s more unusual about Alia Bhatt is her extraordinarily young age for this level of success.

The gracefully bold lady laureate was trolled back then, for a goof up on a popular TV show. Although it was embarrassing, she never let the troll take her confidence for a toll. She says; “jokes on me actually increased my popularity, and as long as I cross your mind, I’ve hit the jackpot”. Alia also joined hands with AIB and shot a spoof on herself titled “Genius Of The Year”, after which she really went on to be larger than life. She has all the qualities a quintessential millennial artiste needs but also has struggled her way through from being pleasantly plump to gorgeous and glamorous. In a limpid conversation with Alia, she reveals her fondness for fitness.

What’s your take on fitness?

Well, to be honest, I was plump at one point in time and I was very happy eating french fries and having milk shakes etc. Then came a time when I was getting ready to walk into films, and I did start all those crash diets and eventually noticed that every time I would eat a little extra my weight used to shoot up dramatically. It was difficult to come to terms with the right way to lose weight. So I now follow a portion controlled diet, practice yoga, and workout at the gym that keeps me happy, charged for the day and fit. So I think that’s my fitness mantra.

What’s your preferred choice of workout?

I like doing a lot of pilates. It’s really worked out well for me. Apart from that, I also enjoy functional training using the kettlebells, cables, TRX and free weights. Actually, I like every form of exercise I do because we do different combinations and different styles every day. So it feels like even the same workout is different the next day.

Day 1
Warm Up On Trademill 5 min
Running On Treadmill 10 min
Push Ups 3 Sets X 10-12 reps
Dumbell Raises 3 Sets X 20-24 reps
Lat Pulldown 3 Sets X 15 reps
Bicep Curls  3 Sets X 15-20 reps
Tricep Pushdown 3 Sets X 12-15 reps
Day 3
Warm Up On Trademill 5 min
Crunches 3 Sets X 15-20 reps
Hyperextension 3 Sets X 15 reps
Bicycle Crunches 3 Sets X 20-25 reps
Reverse Crunches 3 Sets X 15 reps
Day 5
Warm Up On Trademill 5 min
Squats 3 Sets X 20-25 reps
Forward Lunges 3 Sets X 20-25 reps
Reverse Lunges 3 Sets X 20-25 reps
Dumbell Lunges 3 Sets X 15 reps
Running On Treadmill 10 min

Who do you look up to as your fitness role model?

Oh! I love Kareena Kapoor, she’s amazing. Especially the way she’s pulled it off post-pregnancy, hats off to her. She’s not only my favorite as an actor but also an inspiration for fitness. I also admire Katrina Kaif and Akshay Kumar when it comes to fitness. I think they’re the fittest as on today.

What’s your opinion about a diet for fitness?

My diet! I don’t follow any strict diet pattern as such. I follow a simple portion controlled diet plan which includes carbs also. I was petrified of the diet plans because I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way, and to my surprise, I was asked to include curd rice and poha, which are all carbs! But, there are proper gaps between my meals and it’s balanced with moderate amounts of everything. I strongly believe that we should know how much to eat. Also, it’s very important to chew the food well. The slower the better. And yes, I don’t miss my workout.

What’s that one thing that can instantly energize you even when you’re on a tight work schedule?

When I’m on shoots it’s quite tiring. Facing the lights, so many takes, especially being somebody else on screen can add to the fatigue mentally also. For me when I come across these hectic days pushing myself up to workout also is a huge task. But the moment I indulge in some intense pilates, it feels like all the stress and fatigue are drained. My energy levels just shoot up instantly. The mind and body coordination during pilates works exactly like meditation for me, and of course, I love my trainer. She’s like this amazing lady who garnishes my energy with grace with her soft, yet strict instructions!

Stress is quite common these days with hectic work and a lot going on in personal lives too. What’s your take on it and how do you deal with stress?

I don’t deal with stress. I just give myself and stress some time to disappear. I sometimes keep it within me rather than to discuss it with anyone and complicate it further. It’s normal to be stressed and it just fades with time.

Diet Plan
Meals 1 1 cup black coffee or sugar-free tea, 1 bowl poha, vegetables or egg white sandwich
Meals 2 1 glass vegetable juice, fruit
Meals 3 1 idli with 1 bowl of sambar or egg white sandwich
Meals 4 1 cup sugar-free tea or coffee, 1 fruit
Meals 5 1 idli
Meals 6 1 oil-free roti or bowl of rice, 1 bowl of vegetables, 1 bowl of daal or 1 chicken breast

How do you perceive beauty as?

Beauty is a very relative term for me. I like anything that’s abstract. For example, A bee sitting on a flower is beautiful. For many, it may or may not be. It’s more about who we are as humans that makes us look beautiful however we look. I don’t think it would be right to define beauty, because it can’t be defined with words. It’s how we perceive beauty individually, so it differs..

March being the month when the world celebrates ‘International Women’s Day’ would you like to say something?

Women are a marvelous creation! I thank God for giving me the life of a woman. I feel women’s day should be celebrated every day because I think women all over the world are beautiful, charismatic, interesting, independent, very special and powerful. “Let her sleep, when she wakes up, she will move mountains.” So, I’d request men, women, children, old people, everyone to celebrate womanhood every day. And for today it’s just about making it more special for women. So please make the day special with anything that brings a smile on the face.