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The Science Of Fitness - 12 Weeks To Get Fitter And Stronger
March, 2019

Health is important not just to live well but also to be happy. While there are many options you can choose to pep yourself up and ease your worries, why not consider the fact that you might want someone to push and inspire you to shape up. Gautam Koppisetti, a fitness expert at Apollo Life Studio, helps you understand the science behind your workout, with a mission to reinforce the idea of adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Reading a couple of blogs and listening to people advice you with exclusive fitness humdrum can have little effect for a brief period. But a clear picture of how you can tune your body to involuntarily be motivated is all Gautam makes sure of. A biomedical engineer, a full-time fitness trainer, and a wellness counselor, Gautam Koppisetti believes “fitness is a way of life, and an involuntary action more than motivation.”

In the present scenario, fitness has become more of a need than being a part of life. It’s personal hygiene; in fact, it should be a reason to love yourself, which is not happening these days. Improper sleep patterns, irregular food habits and joining hands with lethargy seem very cool but aren’t. Obesity slips into the body and causes devastating experiences with health and mental wellness which makes people walk into the gym. Alongside, there are many people who refrain from going to the gym with the fear of being judged. According to a survey, 65% of women avoid hitting the gym over the anxiety of someone judging them. Gautam Koppisetti talks about how he deals with this psychology and help people be more confident and ditch ‘Gymtimidation’.