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Bulletproof Your Body And Avoid Workout Injuries
December, 2018

There can practically be no exercise or workout without one suffering any injuries. No matter how experienced you are or irrespective of your level of fitness, an exercise injury can take place.

While there is a possibility for you to get injured even while walking, some common injuries that take place during fitness training are knee and shoulder injuries, sprain in the ankle, muscle spasms and pulls, shoulder and wrist dislocation and sprain, to name a few. However, you can considerably curb your danger of getting injured, by following certain simple workout precautions like the following:

Warm-Up And Cool-Down

Most injuries during exercise happen because of a lack of warm-up and focus, improper form or even while lifting too heavy weights. Therefore, it is important for every exercise to start with a warm-up and to conclude with a cool-down period. This is because by warming-up your body can get ready for the training and will make you less prone to injuries.

An effective warm-up like a simple jog in place for five to ten minutes slowly increases your heart rate and relaxes your muscles and joints. Likewise, a cool-down post your workout session is vital to slowly bring back your heart rate to normal. The best way to cool down is simply to walk for 5 to 10 minutes after you work out.

Cross Train

Your body will thank you when you alter your routine and engage yourself in various physical activities. Along with facilitating you to avert hitting a plateau with your exercises, it will also give your body muscles, a much-needed break from the same daily routine.