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The 16:8 Diet For Weight LossS
January, 2019

The 16:8 diet is in vogue, as many people are choosing this diet to shed extra kilos and enjoy good health. This is indeed a new approach towards weight loss, whereby you should abstain from eating for 16 hours a day and eat food during the remaining eight hours.

As Fasting leads to stable blood pressure, a decline in cholesterol and weight loss, it is indeed an easy hack to reduce weight. The 16:8 Diet is entirely different from the 5:2 Diet in which you are allowed to have 500 to 600 calories for two days a week and eat as usual, on the other five days. In the 16:8 Diet, you get the liberty to eat as per your wish for eight hours and in the remaining 16 hours, you have to fast.

For instance, if you choose your eight hours slot during the daytime to consume food, let’s say between 10 am to 6 pm, you should not eat anything for the remaining 16 hours. Morning hours are considered ideal to begin the eating schedule (eight hours) as metabolism is at its peak during this time.

When the 16:8 Diet is followed, calorie deficit occurs in your body which means you are consuming lesser calories than required by your body. Though calorie deficit is an easy way to lose weight in less time, it is not recommended for the long-term.