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Vastu Elements For The Right Winter Vibes
December, 2018
Dr Anand Bhardwaj
Scientific Vastu Consultant & Expert on ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ Director, International Institute of Vaidic Culture

On one hand Vastu advocates that human beings should protect themselves from the harsh sun during the summers and on the other hand, it propagates logical protection by way of laying the rational Vastu tenets which are governed by science and logic. Therefore, Vastu advises the opening of the doors and windows of the south and west directions, which were recommended to be kept closed and curtained during the summers.

The reason being that during summer season in mostly Indian climatic conditions on a broader form, the sun rays are very prickly and damaging to human skin, eyes, hair and temperaments. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the southern and western part of your house and office dark with huge trees, creepers, dark and heavy curtains with lining etc. But now since the sun rays are not prickly we can enjoy many things like good heat, vitamin D, cool mood and much more. There are also many other advantages of the winter season compared to the summers and also almost all types of food items may be easily preserved for a reasonably longer time.

There may also be the reverse of some attractive aspects, like one may suffer from an awful cough and cold that may spoil the charm of this season. Vastu is the name of ‘living in harmony with nature and the environment.’ So here are a few tips for the winter season which may be additionally helpful to you in your day-to-day life during the cold months.

Include Colours In Your Food Surroundings And Apparels

Each colour has its own vibrations, energy and nutritious value. Vastu is also concerned about colours which stand for different type of energy vibrations. Therefore, add colours to your foods in the form of different fruits and vegetables like red tomatoes, white potatoes, green spinach, purple brinjals, yellow lemon, papaya, brown kiwi, orange, coconut etc. At the same time excess of white may be less supportive in these months like refined salt, milk, curd, cheese, whey, white butter and other dairy products as they may cause coughs.