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Chakra Meditation And Kundalini Awakening
Apr 2019

Chakra Meditation And Kundalini Awakening

In a stressful space that we live in, life has lost its charm and grace with the unstoppable chase fore dreams and desires. The result is a lack of mindfulness in people and peace in the world. Yoga and meditation are age-old practices that people seeking benefits of, to attain higher consciousness and mental peace.

Chakra meditation and activating the kundalini energy is the ultimate way to attain a higher self and spiritual enlightenment. While practising different meditation techniques can improve an individual’s ability to control impulses and emotions, and think more rationally, the chakra meditation is a step by step process where all the 7 chakras of the body are activated. This not only helps in attaining the cosmic knowledge but also improves the physical health of the person.

What are chakras?

The human body is not just made of cells and atoms. It is a multifaceted and miraculous creation that has hidden energy which can connect an individual to the cosmic world. There are 7 chakras in the body with the first one starting from the lower end of the body. Each chakra has a unique purpose and contains the energy to propagate balance in the individual’s spiritual and physical self. 1. Mooladhara - The Root Chakra - It connects all of your energy with the earth.

2. Swadhishana - The Sacral Chakra - It’s about human identity.

3. Manipura - The Solar Plexus Chakra - Self -confidence, identity and personal power.