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Décor Your Bedroom To Invite Love
Feb 2019

Albeit love is in the air and it needs no fixed time to celebrate, the month of love recognize the day when people in love can rekindle the romance again expressing it to their beloved. This auspicious moment also comes to rescue those when their relationship is going through a rough patch, giving a chance to reunite by forgetting all and putting her/ him at the centre of attention.

On that special day, you can revive the romance by inviting love to your bedroom. Hence, here are some tips to decorate your bedroom on Valentine’s Day and making the moment etched in your memory forever.

Light Up The Romance
Lighting can be used effectively to amplify the ambience and spice up your romance. Be sure to make the lighting soft and not so sparkling. Adding a dimmer switch to lighting will enhance the effect further. Try placing the mirrors in a way that serve the purpose of reflecting softened light.

Candles To Kindle Love
Decorating your bedroom with candlelight will not only revive the romantic look but will also bring the feelings of intimacy and love. Keep a group of candles in many corners of the room to enhance the ambience. Choose  candles in different colours and shape.