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Diet and Fitness For Army
Jan 2019

While the rest of the world lives in luxury, far away from the homeland, guarding the no man’s land, there are some heroes simply unnamed. The Army. Now, it’s quite a tough challenge to beat extreme climates and stand upright with a body fit to fight! That’s what these graceful warriors work hard for. Here’s a quick glance at their diet and fitness routine. If you are an ardent admirer of the warrior’s fitness vogue, read on to know more about their diet and fitness routine.

The first and the foremost important thing to remember is to eat right. Army diet consists of high protein diet which is a must for  tough and alert physical and mental performance.

Top 5 Nutrition Principles For Army Diet

1.    Daily breakfast is a must, and must include food rich in proteins, folic acid, carbohydrates etc., such as fish, egg whites, milk, chicken etc.
2.    Fuel the body with a high-carb and medium protein snack at least 30-60 minutes before workout.
3.    Hydrate yourself - It is essential to keep yourself hydrated in order to regulate your body temperature and avoid fatigue.
4.    Avoid sweets and artificial sweeteners in your food. They promote lethargy.
5.    Post-workout meal must promote anabolic response to repair lean tissue. Include carbs and quality proteins.