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Five Health Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
Dec 2018

In our day to day life, we often experience a lot of pain and aches, but we rarely take it seriously. However, sometimes, a small pain can lead to a bigger problem and later you may have to pay the price for ignoring it. So listed here are a few critical symptoms you should never ignore, but have it checked by a medical professional as soon as possible.

Weakness In Your Arms And Legs
If you feel numbness and weakness in your leg muscles, arms or face, this could indicate the possibility of stroke. And it is especially important if you feel weakness in one side of your body. Symptoms like dizziness or difficulty in walking, sudden headache and difficulty in seeing may also be the sign of stroke. Whenever, you experience these symptoms, get help from a doctor right away without waiting for the symptoms to stop.

Chest Pain
Chest pain may seem common to many of us, but this is not a symptom to be ignored. Chest pain can also be a sign of heart disease or heart attack, especially if it occurs when you are active. People with heart related trouble complain of a burning or tight feeling in their chest. Sometimes, a searing sensation in the arms can also accompany the symptoms. If you feel this discomfort or any unexplained chest pain, seek urgent medical care without delay.

Blood In Your Urine
Blood when you pee could be a sign of kidney stones. Blood may make the urine appear to be pink or reddish in colour. Kidney stones can be painful and you should seek the doctors’s advice if you notice these kind of changes in the colour of your urine. Blood in the urine may also be associated with other causes too.