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How ADHD Can Affect Your Child
Jan 2019

If your child is lacking in social skills or he/she is consistently delivering poor performance at school, there could be a medical condition behind it and treatment is needed for the same. If left untreated, this could impact his/her social and psychological condition that could persist in the long run as well.

Many people are often in a dilemma regarding ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which can become complicated in the near future if your child is not treated at the right time. Moreover, in some cases, ADHD can have long-term effects on some critical aspects of your child’s life.

Parents often get worried about the side effects of treating ADHD in childhood but many experts say that the risk of not treating the disorder outweighs the side effects of medications. Kids without the treatment of ADHD carry all the risk that parents worry about and these could range from poor performance at school, social
struggles and even substance use! As the child grows up, the untreated ADHD can create trouble in his job performance and even in marital life. So let’s see what studies have to say about the same.