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How To Make Alternative Milk
Jan 2019
Dairy milk is an important product in many people’s diet. It is used for preparing tea, coffee, consumed as a beverage, used on cereals and for preparing smoothies. Dairy milk is perhaps a popular choice among people across the world. However, some of them choose not to include milk in their diet regime due to dietary restrictions, personal preferences, intolerance or allergies. Fortunately, there are plenty of non-dairy, milk alternatives available in the market. Here are few milk alternatives and methods to make them. 
1. Almond Milk - Almonds are a good source of nutrients and an excellent source of vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, which cannot be manufactured by the body that needs to be supplied via diet or supplements. 
You can make the perfect almond milk right at the comfort of your home: all you need is a cup of almonds, a blender and water.
Preparation Method:
• Soak 200g almonds in water overnight (8-12 hours)
• Rinse the nuts and peel off the skins
• Take them into a blender, add water then grind them until smooth
• Arrange a muslin cloth over a bowl and pour the blended almond mixture on top of it. 
• Now, to remove the pulp, squeeze the milk out using the cloth.
• Filter the milk further, take it into an airtight bottle and the Almond milk is ready!