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MED Free Ways To Stave Off Heart Disease
Feb 2019

Heart disease has become a common occurrence these days. Sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food habit and many more factors can be held responsible for heart disease. However, the risk of heart disease can be sidestepped by following some healthy habits. Here we inform you about some medicine freeways to cut down the risk of heart disease.

Go For A Walk
Forty minutes of exercise at least three times a day or 25 minutes of jogging can lower cholesterol in your body and significantly cut the risk of high blood pressure. If you are not comfy with doing it in one go, split in ten minutes of exercise. Make the pet your company or walk-out to the park to meet your friends. Your heart will thank you for it.

Meet Your Buddy For Lunch
Your best friend can help you out. Research shows that feeling alone is not good for your heart. It can be as bad as smoking or not exercising. How connected you feel to your loved one matters a lot when it comes to heart health. So, make some plan to stay connected with them.

Sleep At Least 7 Hours At Night
Your body needs deep rest. During that time your heart rate and blood pressure drop low and this is crucial for heart health. If your sleep time is less than 7 hours, your body may start to make chemicals that disturb the process. Less sleep is also associated with inflammation and high blood sugar that is not good for your heart.