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No One Should Be Labelled As Disabled
Feb 2019
Yogi, Spiritual Leader And Renowned Speaker Of International Repute

Life has come in so many forms, but societies have labels as to what is normal and what is not normal. Actually, if we look at any individual who has all four limbs intact, compared to the next person, are they not disabled in some aspect of life? If you run with Mr. Bolt, even with two good legs, will you not feel like a crippled?

So let us not brand ourselves or anyone else one way or the other, because life has come in so many ways. You have to respect that and do your best about it because it is a miracle, in the sense – today morning, the dosa or idli that you had was made with the soil that we walk upon and that food became flesh and bone. In such a phenomenally complex process, which we have taken for granted unfortunately, certain things sometimes do not work the way we think they should.

Therefore, never call yourself disabled. You are one way and I am another way. No person can claim he/she has a perfect body or a perfect mind. I am disabled in one way; you are disabled in another way. In some way, every one of us is disabled if we compare ourselves to someone else.

You may be born with a rare genetic condition like brittle bone disease, which is painful and unfortunate. However, most people who are labeled as normal are breaking their brains every day. They call it stress, anxiety and so many things, but they are literally breaking the brain in some way.