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Prenatal Meditation
May 2019

Prenatal Meditation

Meditation has been a life changing experience for humans from time immemorial. It is one of the oldest forms of exercise and the path to spiritual well-being. There has been tremendous research and an innumerable amount of articles, discussions and information regarding meditation and its scientific benefits. All the theories and research findings have concluded that meditation helps an individual grow into his/her higher self and have better clarity on life. So now the question is, can such a miraculous practice help women in pregnancy? Well, if the answer is yes, then how?

Here’s a quick read on prenatal meditation, what it is and how it works for mothers to be and babies to come.

Prenatal Meditation - An Introduction

Prenatal meditation is just the same as normal meditation. The only difference is you practice deep relaxation techniques to cope with a variety of physical and emotional stresses during pregnancy. While there is a range of hormonal fluctuations and changes in the body during the gestational phase, meditation enables you to focus, reduces stress, lower your blood pressure and promotes peace of mind.

While it’s quite clear that meditation works like inner medication, there are a number of techniques in recent times that have become popular as childbirth education. It is basically a combination of breathing techniques and meditation. However, what’s more popular is the mindful meditation practice that helps preggers to relax.

Prenatal Meditation: The Benefits Of Mindfulness

Meditation requires a great deal of dedication right from what you eat to when you sleep and what your daily routine is like. When you practice meditation regularly with the right diet, prenatal supplements, basic exercises and an active lifestyle, you’re ready to go ahead to a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Here are some benefits of meditation during pregnancy.

• Meditation helps you have happier and healthier babies

• Improves bonding with the baby

• Promotes higher chances of going full term

• Helps to stay calm and relaxed

• Boosts immunity

• Connects you with inner feelings
• Helps you deal with mood fluctuations

• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Aids in pain management during labor

• Improves self-awareness


While motherhood is a beautiful journey, it is every parents’ wish to have a healthy baby who will do good things in life and live with good principles. But it is also said that the soul of the baby is predestined.

However, when you meditate and visualise all the good things around you, your personality absorbs all the positivity around you. You naturally transform into a more conscious person and that’s when you’re inviting the right soul into yourself.

Paramhansa Yogananda, in his book, Karma and Reincarnation, says: “When good parents unite in physical union, they produce a pure, astral light - as the positive and negative currents at the base of their spines and in their sex organs, unite. This light is a signal to good souls with compatible vibrations in the astral world to be physically conceived.”