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Summer Makeover For Your Kids Room
Apr 2019
Ms.Samridhi Ganeriwalla

Summer Makeover For Your Kids’ Room

A kids’ room should be a soothing place where they can rest, relax and rejuvenate day after day. I believe it should be clutter free, with a space set for everything. Simplicity (“less is more”) is imperative and should not be compromised. It can be easily achieved with effective planning. I also like to keep a long-term view (at least 3 -to- 4 years) in mind. Thus, when we design a kids’ room, we think of it as a place which can be easily adapted to house a pre-schooler, who in no time would be a toddler or a little kid. Basically, a room which evolves with the child’s requirements. Also, think about if you are planning on having another child soon, as that might dictate some of the decisions such as the theme you choose.

To start with, pick a theme which could tie-up everything in the room, it could be a concept such as jungle animals, or colors such as pastels, all white with a pop of pink, monochrome, etc. You can then pick the pieces accordingly.