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The Art of Relaxing
Feb 2019
Asha Nair
Author, Larking Skylark

Give Yourself A Pep Talk
We all need some mental exercise in the morning to stir us into action. Always remember, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” Who you become is all a matter of what you think and attract towards yourself. Independent thoughts make a beautiful mind. If we act as if we are happy, we will have positive thoughts and our hormones will be secreted in a similar manner. But if we have negative thoughts, we will be unhappy and become the victims of the situation. Being positive in our life shows us new direction, compassion, to know that no feeling or situation lasts forever.

Cultivate Your Own Personal Mantra
A mantra is a positive affirmation we choose to give ourselves. It could be a verse, a phrase or even a word. Every morning before you make your way to your job or school, look into the mirror and say to yourself, “I am the best”. The mantra could be as simple as “I am calm” or “I’m surrounded by love”, “This too will pass” or the popular “All Is Well”. Just remember, what you repeat often is what you will get back.