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The Colourful Shades of Wellbeing
Mar 2019
Dr Anand Bhardwaj

The Colourful Shades of Wellbeing

Often, we listen to people blessing others with a phrase “Let your life be full of colours” or “Wish you a colourful life” and other similar phrases. Colours are a part of our life. It is the innate characteristics of human being to differentiate things with colours.

Why are children are attracted towards colours? Why do we pickup a particular shade of apparels? Why do we stay away from a particular colour for some time and why are we fascinatedtowards the same again? Each colour has its distinctive energy level that may be defined through the principles of physics that sets apart their individual intensity, energy level and their impacts through the theory of wavelengths’.

Colours are energy boosters that may be reflected in the attitude of a person at large.