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The Key To A Healthy And Happy Pregnancy
Feb 2019
Ektaa Sibal
Spiritual Healer, Life Coach And Relationship Counsellor

Whether conceiving naturally or through IVF, a woman experiences many emotions, some positive such as happiness or excitement especially in a successful conception; and sometimes negative such as fear, sadness or anxiety in cases where there has been a miscarriage or any other complication. This may result in causing stress or pressures in the couple which leaves a considerable impact and may create mental blockages resulting in conceiving again sometimes tough.

Keeping your emotions balanced is in fact required even before planning for conceiving, if there is any kind of stress or pressures or unhappiness- conceiving a child may become difficult. Research shows that when couples who are trying to conceive have gone through certain mind-body programs to balance their emotions along with medical treatments; the chances of getting pregnant are more.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body is going through many hormonal changes that affect the levels of neuro-transmitters, which are brain signals that regulate emotions or moods. While pregnancy can be an exciting time it can also be an extremely stressful and an emotionally chaotic time as it involves a complex mix of emotions, both positive and negative.