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What Happens To Your Body And Brain While You Sleep
Dec 2018

Did you know that your brain is active when you sleep? Sleep is best explained as a process where your body goes into complete rest while your essential organs like brain and heart keeps actively working.

It is interesting to note that there are mainly four stages of sleep and two stages of light sleep. The first is the lightest stage of sleep where your body might be relaxing but still alert and your brain activity may go on. (For instance, you get up as soon as you hear your name). Intermediate light sleep is slightly deeper when compared to lighter sleep and it’s a bit more difficult to wake up during this stage. 

There are notable changes of electrical activity that occur in the brain activity when you sleep and it is a result of trillions of nerve cells rewiring themselves. This clearly means that skipping sleep can negatively create an impact on the brain, as the rewiring fails to happen. So here’s what can happen if you don’t get adequate sleep.

Sleep Is Essential For Learning And Memory
Proper and adequate sleep can help in improving attention, focus and accuracy in the work you do.

Poor Sleep Can Make You Moody
Sleep can also affect the mood of a person. Insufficient sleep can lead to depression, anxiety and other psychiatric issues. Chronic insomnia can also create mental health issues. It can cause mental exhaustion, increase the risk of developing a mood disorder and many other related issues.