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Whats Causing Your Watery Eyes
Dec 2018

If something gets in the eyes, it triggers the eyes to make more tears to flush the debris out. Even with some tiny particles in the eyes that is hard to see, the body triggers the same reaction and once the dust is flushed out, the eyes stop watering, automatically. However, if you often experience tearing up, there might be some medical condition behind it. So let’s have a look at what could be causing your watery eyes.

Dry Eyes
If your body fails to produce enough tears, the condition is called dry eyes. It happens because your eyes lack the right balance of oils, water and mucus. This issue can be caused by a medical condition or sometimes if the weather is windy. Your eyes respond to the condition by producing more tears.

Pink eye or conductivities, a bacterial or viral condition may make your eyes look teary. You will also experience itchiness and your eyes can swell up and become red or pink. Usually, the condition disappears on its own, but in case of bacterial infection, you may need antibiotic eye drops.

Allergic Conditions
If you are suffering from cold and flu, watery and itchy eyes may accompany the symptoms. And sometimes, some allergic condition can also directly affect your eyes. In this case, you need anti-allergy medicines and eye drops to get rid of the condition. Avoiding the allergy triggers, can also help.