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Why A Woman Should Be Aware Of Heart Disease
Feb 2019
Dr Narayan Gadkar
Cardiologist Consultant, Zen Multi Specialty Hospital, Chembur

One in 3 women die of cardiovascular disease, compared to 1 in 31 women who die of breast cancer. While the actual numbers of deaths from heart disease have declined among both men and women, more women die of cardiovascular disease each year than men. In fact, rates of heart disease among younger women (aged 35 to 54) are actually increasing, a trend thought to be attributable to obesity.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death for women. While men and women both experience chest pain as a primary heart attack symptom, women often have vague symptoms without usual chest pain, like palpitation, pain in the back, shoulder,sweating or indigestion. Women who undergo early menopause either due to surgical removal of their ovaries or due to premature ovarian failure have same rates of cardiovascular disease as age matched with men’s.

How It Is Different
There are remarkable differences in the types of heart problems that affect men and women. Differences exist in the mechanism of heart disease. There are also differences in receiving the comprehensiveness of medical care in men and women. The main type of Heart disease women is prone to are Coronary Heart disease, Coronary Microvascular Disease and Broken Heart syndrome.