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Why You Need To Eat In Season Foods
Feb 2019
Haseena Begum
Lifestyle Counsellor, Apollo Life

Health experts often say that you should eat seasonally or include foods in your diet grown at the same season of the year. Eating seasonally offers you a lot of health benefits. It may appear simple because you eat foods that are grown and harvested at the time of year when they are full in flavour. However, there are more to it and here we explain how you can reap the complete benefits of eating seasonally.

What Are Seasonal Foods?
Foods produced at certain times of the year when they are ready to harvest and are high in flavour. These foods are called seasonal as they grow well and are perfect to eat in the respective seasons. Seasonality of these foods can either be global or local. Globally seasonal foods are naturally produced and consumed anywhere in the world. Locally seasonal are produced and consumed only in specific climatic zones.

Benefits Of Eating Seasonal Foods

  • Seasonal foods are freshly produced, therefore, it tastes good and always fresh
  • Seasonal foods can also be used to enhance the taste of recipes because of its rich flavour and taste.
  • In season you buy foods that are at the peak of its supply and hence you can save money in your grocery store.