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Winter Eye Care Guide
Feb 2019
Dr. Bhanu Prakash Metukul

Winter brings about dry and cool breeze worsening perennial allergies in many individuals. Particularly people with a history of pre-existing asthma and allergic bronchitis often suffer from itchy dry eyes which turn red and watery gradually; this condition is called atopic allergic conjunctivitis. When the air looses moisture it becomes dry and stimulating contact with allergens and sensitizes susceptible individuals to allergies.

However, even people without allergies can get affected when exposed to the indoor atmosphere for a long period due to the repeated circulation of allergen concentrated dry air. Thus; eyes get dried up and turn itchy.

Persistent symptoms need the attention of an ophthalmologist who can prescribe anti-allergic eye drops. Drying up of tears on exposure to cool breeze is distressing among people working outdoors, moreover; winters are associated with exposure of increased UV rays.