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Yoga Asanas to Boost Fertility
May 2019

Yoga Asanas to Boost Fertility

Yoga is an age-old form of exercise, known for its innumerable health benefits.Along with physical fitness, yoga aids in mental stability and improves an individual’s spiritual quotient. Did you know that yoga can also help women who face difficulty getting pregnant?

Well, yoga has miraculous health benefits and pregnancy is a major area that it helps in. It not only benefits women physically but also spiritually. This results in conceiving a healthy and happy child.

How Yoga Asanas Help Boost Fertility

Yoga asanas increase the blood flow to certain organs with a positive influence on the endocrine system which regulates your hormones. Yoga helps release physical and mental stress from the body increasing the chances of conception. Read on and practice these yoga asanas to boost fertility and experience the miracles of yoga.

Top 6 Yoga Asanas To Boost Fertility

1.Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) This is a refreshing asana. It gives a nice stretch to the glutes and fills you with tremendous energy. Here’s how to do it: • Stand with your feet together and a slight bend in your knees. • Bring your upper body over your legs; with your chest close to your knees. • Place your hands on the floor or hold your ankles and stay as long as you can. • Inhale and exhale slowly.

2.Balasana (Child’s Pose) Balasana is a resting pose that effectively helps in relieving fatigue and stress. Aids in a relaxing stretch to the shoulders, spine and the hips. • Sit in the basic vajrasana posture and take a deep breath in. • Start bending forward, with your forehead reaching the floor as you slowly exhale. • Stretch your arms forward, with your palms facing down. • Inhale and exhale, in this pose up to a minute or slightly more.